Nines Differences
Quality Radiologists

Efficient IT

Swift Communications

Nines Differentiators

There’s Nines, and then there’s teleradiology. Nines is quality cloud-based radiology that leading health care facilities trust. We perform with high standards to bring you modern services across Nines physicians, IT, communications, and market awareness.

Quality, cloud-based. We’d like to support you in providing outstanding patient care. Let’s discuss how we can serve you as a trusted partner.

Our go-live with Nines was complex, but it was an incredibly smooth transition

- Top 20 U.S. Hospital Center

Quality Radiologists

World-Class Training

Nines hires leading radiologists with sub-specialties and training from world-class institutions including Yale, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and University of Pennsylvania.

Empowered by AI

  • NinesAI is FDA-cleared to triage time-critical, life-threatening indications of mass effect (ME) & intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), and alert Nines radiologists in appx. 15 seconds after the scan is complete.

Responsible Staffing

  • Our staffing is commensurate with volume. We do not exceed capacity in exchange for profit. 
  • Licensed in 48 U.S. states and sub-specialized.

Efficient IT


  • Nines accepts your HL7 specs so your busy IT department can focus on other projects.
  • Nines manages integration complexity, significantly reducing your need to manage outside vendors.
  • Establish connectivity to modalities in case of PACS service disruption.

Saves Time

Respecting your valuable time, a dedicated Nines engineering team completes the job on schedule.

Swift Communications

Fast and Relevant

Nines engineers build tools at Silicon Valley speed to our radiologists’ specs.

Nines Navigator™


Concierge support is more than just IT, it’s streamlined workflow to communicate clearly with your team.

Nines Cloud Phone System

General Inquiries

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