1 Unified Worklist
2 Native Issue Tracking

3 Automated Study Validation

4 AI-Powered Prioritization
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Unifying Radiology

Nines Care Platform offers hospitals, imaging centers and private practices an integrated workflow, prioritization, and communications platform. Our teleradiology clients asked for this technology “to read like Nines radiologists” and we’re pleased to develop this for 2022.

Increase in revenue per hour
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For emergent triage results
Diagnoses performed on  the platform

Unified Worklist

Unify fragmented workflows across radiology.

Optimized case routing across all available radiologists.

Real-time efficiency and quality analytics.

Radiologists and Radiology Assistants communicate seamlessly.

  • Highlight priority cases so radiologists focus on reading, not cherry picking
  • Prevent decision fatigue with lightning mode and improve efficiency without overworking radiologists

Native Issue Tracking

Remove phone calls from the radiology workflow.

Closed-loop communication workflows with one click.

Instantly assess communication follow-through rates.

  • Automatically create an archive of study issues, perfect for teaching and training employees
  • Track issues and resolution metrics 
  • One-click request means no typing or dictating so your radiologists can focus on reading

Automated Study Validation

Deliver high quality data across your practice without additional workflow delays.

Automatically detect errors that frustrate radiologists.

  • Detect and resolve issues in one workflow
  • Flags issues with incomplete studies and helps your team to anticipate and resolve them. 

Radiologists only open studies that are complete. No more wasting time reviewing studies with missing information. 

  • Customize study validation software depending on your organization’s needs and exam type 

AI-Powered Prioritization

Harness ML to optimize prioritization.

NinesAI notifies of a potential life-threatening brain bleed in 15 seconds so radiologists can begin reviewing the case immediately. Enables your radiologist to focus on what cases matter the most/are most time sensitive. Integrated seamlessly into the Nines Care Platform.

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