A short podcast chat with Nines
Reducing Burnout & Improving Hospital Collaboration
Melissa Davis, MD, MBA
Nines VP of Clinical Operations
Joel Kronander, PhD
Nines Engineering Manager

Nines in nine...well almost. In our ten-minute podcast on reducing radiologist burnout we feature Nines radiologist Dr. Melissa Davis in conversation with Nines machine learning engineer Joel Kronander on the innovation that comes from physicians and engineers collaborating. At Nines, we do this to create products that streamline the practice of radiology -- focusing on radiologists’ largest pain points -- and improve the delivery of healthcare.

Dr. Melissa Davis leads clinical operations for Nines Radiology and works to help the practice stand up by optimizing workflows and facilitating hospital communication. To her, collaborating with engineers means spans workstation setup to dictation improvement and other workflow hassles, break them down from an engineering perspective, and improving them internally in new ways for healthcare.

“As a radiologist, I feel good because I just feel like I’m being listened to. And then once you feel like you’re being listened to and you see a product that’s actually starting to solve your problem, then you’re like, yes, this makes me want to come to work every day.”

Joel is an engineering manager for the Nines Machine Learning Models team. He adds that collaborating iteratively is key to modernizing teleradiology. These practices facilitated development of the Nines Navigator worklist.

Tune in to hear specifics about how the complementary perspectives of radiologists and engineers create better teleradiology products, help hospitals become more efficient, and improve radiologists’ work-life balance.

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