Investing in Better Patient Outcomes
David Stavens, CEO

Imagine your loved one is in the emergency room late at night, CT scan completed, waiting on the diagnosis. The ER doctor says she normally doesn’t get an actionable report very quickly. But now they’re working with a new high-quality group whose reports are timelier and more definitive. The report is back in minutes, the surgeon’s ready to intervene, and your loved one’s treatment starts fast. This is Nines’ mission. We're building a practice with radiologists who are trusted for their expertise and equipped with modern workflow tools built in-house, aiming to give high-quality reads.

Achieving this requires the alignment of care providers, innovators, and builders who all focus on delivering quality diagnostics and priority-driven patient care decisions. We’re taking this approach because the current model is increasingly difficult. 

As my Nines co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alex Kagen notes, radiology exams are becoming more detailed and complex with advancements in imaging technology, which in turn increases the workload on radiologists. “The right solution for radiologists is the one that results in the right interpretation,” notes Dr. Kagen. “Our goal is to combine technology and clinical expertise with the aim of helping radiologists intelligently prioritize their ever-growing imaging worklists. Nines aims to help radiologists adapt and build toward a near-term future where technology plays a larger role in improving patient outcomes.”

Building this requires strategic supporters who share our vision. We recently announced that we’re assisted by leading venture capital firms like Accel and 8VC along with prominent individuals like former Deutsche Bank COO Kim Hammonds, Veritas founder and former CEO Mark Leslie, and Lori Goler, among others. 

We’re also collaborating with top institutions and radiologists including the Mount Sinai Health System to develop a service and technology that’s designed to let radiologists focus their efforts where they can make the biggest impact on patient outcomes.

As a passionate technologist and entrepreneur I believe that the power of AI comes from applying it to defined problems. At Nines we’re combining exceptional AI with healthcare expertise, all with an eye toward equipping our Nines radiologists with the best tools to make their lives easier and improve patient care. We’re honored to serve radiologists, who need to be at the forefront of reimagining the future of medicine. On behalf of Nines I thank our partners for the opportunity to help improve the quality of patient outcomes. 

Thank you,

David Stavens is co-founder and CEO of Nines. Prior to Nines David was co-founder and CEO of Udacity, which democratized education with the first global, online, lifelong learning platform. He was also a pioneer in autonomous vehicles, helping create the first complete robotic car, “Stanley”, and co-founding Stanford University’s self-driving car team, which was acquired by Google as the foundation for Waymo. He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a B.S.E. in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude, from Princeton University.

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