"Our go-live was complex but with Nines it was an incredibly smooth transition." - Top 20 U.S. Hospital Center
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Modern, trusted radiology for leading hospitals and practices

Reliable turnaround times              Day, night, weekend coverage               Academic subspecialists
Robust quality program                Swift integration

Reliable turnaround times
Day, night, weekend coverage 
Academic subspecialists
Robust quality program
Swift integration

Modern care

Academic subspecialists powered by cloud-based custom tools.

Peace of mind

Uptime that leads the industry. Nines systems stay up so you don’t have to.

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Reliable Reports with a Side of Speed

Daily innovation from radiologists and engineers working side by side.

Ready, Study, Go

70% fewer interruptions thanks to studies with auto-validated imaging, order & EMR data.

Efficient Communication

Convey critical findings & connect with ED via one quick click. No manual typing, no waiting on hold.

Report check

Automate the tedious review and spell check of reports that cause fatigue and delay.

Give reboots the boot

Every workstation reboot costs clients precious time. Nines’ cloud-based workstations have industry-leading reliability.

Can efficiency work without rushing radiologists?

The view from a radiologist who’s led in private practice, academia, and now Nines.

Guided by experienced radiology leaders

Bringing insights from years of innovation and expertise running top radiology practices.

Alexander Kagen, MD

Nines Chief Medical Officer

Burton Drayer, MD

System Chair Mount Sinai Health System

David S. Mendelson, MD

Vice Chair, Rad IT, Mount Sinai

Melissa Davis, MD, MBA

Nines Clinical Ops

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